How To Set-up A Google My Business Branding Page

Step-by-step tutorial showing you how to set-up a Google My Business Branding page for your business!

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This free online course walks you through the actual steps of creating a Google Plus Branding Page.

This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to set up a Google My Business Branding Page.  A BRANDING page is a Google Business Page for a company or individual who does not have a physical address for clients/customers to walk into.  If you want to create a Google My Business Local Business Page, please click here: (TBD)

Google My Business Branding Pages are great for:

  • Authors
  • Photographers without a studio
  • Online Businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Home Based Businesses (that do not have people walking into their home for business)
  • Network marketers
  • Those showcasing or selling a specific product online

Watch and pause to complete the tasks as I go through each set-up process!
Intended Audience: Freelancers, authors, work from home professionals, home businesses, writers, photographers, uber drivers, network marketers, online business, online businesses

Course Curriculum

Step-by-step tutorial to create a Google My Business Branding Page

Jennifer Stinnett


Jennifer Stinnett is the founder of eJenn Solutions, an online digital media marketing company specializing in social media strategies for individuals and businesses implementing a “people first” mentality and helping companies reach their target markets. She is an experienced professional in Real Estate Ecommerce and Business Development, having served for over a decade as Director for major brokers.

Jennifer is well versed in the constantly evolving landscape of Internet marketing, and deeply committed to pursuing ongoing trends to stay on the cutting edge of all elements of digital business. She effectively supports numerous clients in realizing Social Media Optimization (SMO) in the form of blogger outreach, social media community management, daily social media management, and blog / website content.

Jennifer also provides creative social media solutions for events. She accomplishes unique social media strategies for her clients by listening to their business objectives and stories and implementing a creative online strategy that sets them apart from their competitors